<![CDATA[T.H.C. ARTS - Blog]]>Mon, 25 Jan 2016 03:12:23 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Jumping Off The Treadmill]]>Thu, 28 Aug 2014 18:19:39 GMThttp://thcarts.weebly.com/blog/jumping-off-the-treadmill Sometimes life can be like a treadmill. You try something new to find out your going no where. I spent the past 6-7 years on one of those treadmills with my art. To find out I was going no where, was energy and creative draining.

The time has come that I finally jumped off that treadmill trip to no where. I jumped off and hit the ground running. Back to what had worked for me in the past and working on my basic plans, which is really paying off, showing me I'm headed in the direction and where I should have been all along.  Lots of new things to come !!!!

I'm spending many hours in my art room & studio working. Been working on orders totally 50 pieces of stained glass !!! For a few years I Have been ask to do a show which I turned down due to lack of time running on the treadmill. NOW Also working on pieces for a up coming show I will be doing. The creative ideas are running wild in my head !!!

Stay tuned for many new exciting things that will be COMING !!!!! Including ARTie !!!!!

<![CDATA[ARTie is coming !!!!!]]>Wed, 12 Jun 2013 20:12:27 GMThttp://thcarts.weebly.com/blog/artie-is-comingT.H.C. Arts is excited to say ARTie will be joining us soon!!!!

T.H.C. will be welcoming Artie who will be sharing his adventures, travels & ideas.
He is gearing up and getting ready. No one every knows what ARTie is up to.

Stay Tuned for new things and updated.

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 The Joy Of Giving

One of my favorite quotes is “Our Fingerprints never fade from the lives we touch”...

I know we can’t give everything away but I do get great joy being able to give when I can. I have a dear friend who’s one son just finished basic training and I wanted to come up with a special gift for my friend and the proud father of a Marine. Many years ago I made several memory quilted wall hanging, photo tote bags and pillows. These all were always a hit with those I gave then to. So off to my art room I went to design and find fabric. It was a nice change to work with fabric and at the sewing machine instead of in my glass studio.

I’ve found sometimes I get recharged working with different mediums from time to time. Also think giving from time to time is also very recharging. While working and designing with fabric I had a new idea come to mind for a new stained glass piece to !!   

Being the sentimentalist that I am and love making one of a kind special pieces I’ve decided to add the photo pillows to T.H.C. Arts.

<![CDATA[Finish, Framed and Hung...Yahooooo !!]]>Tue, 06 Nov 2012 02:34:13 GMThttp://thcarts.weebly.com/blog/finish-framed-and-hungyahooooo
I’ve had three fairly large stained glass pieces designed for myself for around 15 years.

Finally one of three pieces finished, framed and hung !!  

This piece I redesigned and incorporate the first panel I ever designed into the piece.

The second piece I started about 12 years ago, some how it has always got pushed to the back of my work bench. It still waits to be finished. This will be the next piece I do for myself. When finished it will hang in the dining room door way 

The third piece will be a room divider in the family room. This piece will be in a vintage window frame from my grandpa’s old Victorian farm house.

Pictures to come of the next two pieces I get to check off my list soon as I get them done. But once again pieces on my wish list are on hold. Have a special order piece I will be working on next.

<![CDATA[Web-site Class and giving back;]]>Tue, 24 Apr 2012 02:54:18 GMThttp://thcarts.weebly.com/blog/web-site-class-and-giving-backI have always felt we don’t have an art/gift if we don’t share/give some back. The last couple of weeks I have been giving a web site class to three fellow artist friends. It’s been very rewarding for me in many ways and I hope my friends walked away feeling as enriched as I did. Yes it was a class to show how to set up their web site which they did learn but I also learned from them. It’s always great to meet with others to work together, bounce ideas around, share ideas, thoughts, laughs and good time.

e can’t always give everything away for free but I do feel we do need to give some when we can.

<![CDATA[A Challenge.]]>Wed, 14 Mar 2012 04:42:56 GMThttp://thcarts.weebly.com/blog/a-challengePicture
Confetti glass a first for me. Working on this stained glass piece was the first time I’d using this type of glass and it may be my last. A much needed glass of wine followed !

                  “Tequila sunset”   

Like many artist I think we all have our favorite mediums and colors to work with. Lately I’ve been trying to brake out of my comfort zone a little. Many of my designs come from when I see something that sparks an idea in me or ideas that come from with in or as a vision. I guess maybe that’s why I see most things in my favorite colors & types of glass.

When I’m told make something using certain thyme it’s like my creativities has been put on a tight leash. I understand for some it’s a challenge but for me it’s more like being trapped or caged. I know many don’t understand this as I’ve had people say they need the challenge. I've wondered if it’s the difference in the mediums different artist use. For me as a Stained glass artist I feel challenged to some degree in every piece I design and many times challenged again when the pattern meets the glass, again at the cutting stage, the grinder and once again when all pieces are placed together & interdicted to the solder & iron.

Designing all my own work my challenge starts in my head before I even start to design the pattern. Unlike paint & canvas a stained glass artist works with materials that don’t give, flow & does brake. There’s no erasing or painting over a mistake. Each piece has to be constructed with stability or it will fall apart. This is a few of the reasons each piece is a challenge. Once a pattern is designed, glass is chosen each piece of glass no matter the size is handled at least 8 times. Once the glass is chosen each piece is cut, ground, washed, placed, numbered, Foiled, Placed, soldered, Washed, Petunia and polished. A mistake at any point and its back to the beginning.

<![CDATA[Post Title.]]>Thu, 06 Oct 2011 05:23:24 GMThttp://thcarts.weebly.com/blog/post-title-click-and-type-to-edit               Fall WONDEFUL, BEAUTIFUL Fall, 
                                 My favorite season !!!
   Not only is the weather more enjoyable I love all that fall brings. Beautiful Colors, decorations, scarecrows, crows, pumpkins, mums and leaves. All the wonderful elements of nature. Another great thing fall brings is pumpkin pie, hot tea and tasty soups and stews….mmmmm.

   After my last harvest of lemon balm my  harvest basket has now been put to rest for the winter along with all the lawn furniture. At this time of year I start thinking of relaxing myself. I start gathering my winter supplies for warm winter teas and also my winter Art projects.

   Since there are no local stained glass suppliers (I don’t like the 55+ miles drive through snow and ice to get my supplies) I always try to get a stash of supplies in my studio for winter projects. Guess I’m kind of like a squire. When the snow starts flying I want to be ready to work away in my studio or curl up in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of tea…LOL…...

   My “To Do” list has already been started for winter project and things I hope to achieve this winter. On this years list I’m really going to try getting a few stained glass pieces made for our home ! Have a piece for our dining room doorway that’s been in the works and on my work bench for several years. Hope to get it finished along with a piece for a double doorway into the hall, at least one window valance for our breakfast room but if all goes well I’ll get 4 done !!! Guess I always aim High…LOL…

  On my list also is to do some sewing and needle work which I haven’t done in quite some time. I’ve already started a crochet project so I’m off to a good start. Thank God I have a cousin who makes baskets !!! Thanks to her and the many baskets she’s sent me I have several to fill with supplies and projects. Making it easy to grab a basket and switch projects quickly.

  One needle project I hope to work on this winter is a Colonial art that dates back to the 1800’s, I love ALL things vintage !!!! I’ve been researching and gathering supplies for over a year now. I’m really looking forward to getting started on this one. More on this project later as I get more into it.

<![CDATA[Artist or Craftsman ?]]>Tue, 23 Aug 2011 04:01:47 GMThttp://thcarts.weebly.com/blog/artist-or-craftsmanArtist or Craftsman ?
It always amaze me. When I think I’ve seen or heard it all once again I’m proven wrong. For awhile now I’ve been hearing many comments, remarks & chatter on the difference between Artist & craft person.  I started doing a little research & found it interesting as to what I found.

just a few People w of the things people I came across had to say.

* I call myself a crafter because I mostly make things, but don't design them. I crochet from patterns and get ideas for my crafts online and in books. To be an artist, I think one has to be original in their designs.”

* The term craftsman carries the connotation of no particular individual spark of creativity, but the skill to faithfully reproduce someone else's artistic vision. Art and artist's create from a spiritual/emotional and sometimes a conscious/subconscious level.

* To borrow a phrase, it's a vision thing. The artist typically produces something that reflects his or her artistic sensibilities.

* Talent does not equal art and talented people are not automatically artists. In order to call yourself an artist you have to earn that right and the way you do that is by doing what any real artist does….show the things that you feel or has inspired you.

* An artist is someone who expresses what they are feeling, thinking and or observing. The situation may have moved them, inspired them, angered them, whatever So to all you so called artists who are quick to say “they aren’t an artist”, “That’s not an art”, etc.….the next time you hear yourself calling yourself an artist, please take a minute to reflect “Am I really an artist? Where does my art come from? Inside me or from someone else’s thoughts, heart or a copy cat of someone else’s work?

I found a lot of interesting views on the topic. I can’t help but laugh as some of the views reminded me of a neighbor we once had. I guess you could say he was a lost soul? A jack of all trades? Or a wanta be?…LOL…
@ one time he called him self a contractor. He built 2 houses, the first one the basement collapsed; he ended up hiring a Real contractor to re-build the basement. The second house had a fire in the electric/breaker box the day before open house….
Next he bought a tractor & he even dressed the part as he now was wearing bib overalls. A 5 acres piece of property in the neighborhood sold & he told a neighbor  he wished he’d known he’d bought it as he was a farmer…..
Next he got a  truck added a sign that stating he was a Plummer. There was a running joke amount many as what does he think he is today.
As I always say just because you stand in the garage this does not make you a car…LOL…I think the same holds true in many areas. A camera does not make you a Photographer, a paint brush or canvas does not make you a painter.

Taking every year of art I had the opportunity to in school was such a gift in many ways. Being given the hands on experiences helped me through out my life to see where my God given talents are & it’s helped to find ME. To know what inspires me. For years I didn’t think of myself as an artist even when others did. I have always just done what made me happy & helped visions from within get out. With this being said To Me, TRUE artist don’t wait for it to be cool, profitable, convenient, or trendy. Their intention is not to make money or gain fame, but to move and provoke thought that their art engages. The artist in me only cares about stimulating my soul & moving my thoughts, feelings & visions into MY works of art. if you really believe in art, you don't do it for the money, of course there comes a time if you sell a piece the money is nice to help support your art but you do it first for yourself, because you need to, you have to create !  

      What's the difference between Artist and Crafter to you? Which are you?

Once again for me I sum this topic up as many things I’ve found in life.

There’s the drummers in life, these are the people who own a drum & know how to play it. When gathered
with other musians they can create beautiful music.
There are those who don’t own a drum can’t carry a tune but enjoy & appreciate the music made by others.

Then there are the ones who think they know & can do it all. (Yes we all know or have encountered @ least 1 or 2 of these people in life.) I think these are the ones who are missing out on life & themselves. Instead of following their hearts & enjoying life these people are running from drum to drum never learning how to play or enjoying what life has to offer or ever take the time to find their own God given talents.

I’d love to hear your input and views on this subject

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